Andrew Pesek Farms: 2023-2024 Value-Added Grant Recipient

Andrew Pesek

Andrew Pesek Farms is owned and operated by Andrew Pesek. Andrew started the cow/calf operation in 2016 and is now expanding into the tree nursery industry. His goal is to transplant trees for homeowners, specifically for those individuals who lost trees in weather events. Eventually, Andrew would like to raise his own trees for transplanting as well as Christmas trees for Iowans. 

Andrew Pesek’s Choose Iowa grant project will purchase equipment, including a large loader tree spade, to diversify farm operations and start transplanting trees that are currently on his land. By incorporating the use of new technology into his operation, the farm will diversify and increase its overall sales. Also, Andrew plans to present the new business to local 4-H and FFA groups to discuss the importance of forestry.

Andrew expects to increase sales of Iowa grown trees and expand his market to Iowa homeowners and businesses. In the first year, Andrew plans to transplant and sell 30 mature trees and plant 2,180 trees on his land. Andrew Pesek Farms is dedicated to the environment and its community, which will be reflected in this project as well as its new tree nursery operation. 

A row of holes sit ready for trees.
Holes have started to be dug for the 2,180 trees Andrew Pesek plans to plant on his farm during the spring and fall of 2023. 


A herd of cows grazing in a field owned by ANDREW PESEK FARMS
The farm has raised cattle for a number of years and is excited to continue the cow/calf operation along with the new tree nursery operation.