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About Us

Led by Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, Choose Iowa builds pride around Iowa agriculture, supporting the producers who grow agricultural products in our great state.

Iowa prides itself on being the largest producer of corn, pork, eggs, and renewable fuels. Iowa has always been a leader in agricultural production and now we are increasingly known for agricultural innovation and career opportunities. Agriculture is a part of our state's history and Iowa will continue to be a great place to grow, today and in the future. Continue to choose Iowa agriculture at the grocery store, the dinner table, and when looking for a way of life.



Iowa Local Food Day

Join schools across the state serving local food on Friday, Oct. 11, 2019

Find Local Farmers Markets

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Which fall fruit or veggie are you?!

Learn more about the various fruits and veggies that are grown in Iowa and find out which one you’re most alike!

Find Local
Apple Orchards


Coloring Calendar Contest

Students from all across Iowa are encouraged to enter into the annual agriculture calendar contest.

Coming Soon!

Do you ever wonder where your food comes from? Check back soon for stories about Iowa, our products, and the friendly faces that grow the crops we use every day.