Brightside Aleworks: 2023-2024 Value-Added Grant Recipient

Andrew Frana

Brightside Aleworks is a craft brewery in Altoona that has been in business for more than five years. The brewery purchases most of its ingredients from Iowa producers and is always finding ways to give back to its community. 

Brightside Aleworks’ Choose Iowa grant project will produce gluten-free beer utilizing Iowa honey. The brewery will purchase new equipment to protect against gluten contamination and to test/ensure the new product is free of gluten. The project will add value to the brewery’s craft beer as well as the local honey used in production, and will expand its market to include gluten sensitive consumers. 

Brightside Aleworks expects to see an increase in customers and sales. Additionally, the project will likely increase the use of Iowa produced honey as well as job opportunities in the community. Through the project, the brewery will ultimately serve more Iowa consumers and have the opportunity to work with many local honey producers. 


A mirror is surrounded by a mural done in green, white, and black of leaves and other plants.  Tables with chairs are under the mirror.  This is inside Brightside Aleworks.