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Over 147 million pounds of cheese are made in Iowa per year.  There are 72 Standards of Identity defining U.S. cheeses and cheese products.  Any cheese labeled with one of the cheese names identified must comply with the compositional and manufacturing requirements of that cheese identified in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Selection tips

With so many possibilities to choose from, selection of the "right" cheese for any event is subject to preference.  The American Cheese Society recognizes two certification levels to develop professionals trained to evaluate cheeses.  Your local Cheese Monger is a great resource.

Storage tips

Store in the warmest section of your refrigerator and research the best method determined for that cheese type. Best if used by the printed use by date.

Members who process, produce, or sell the selected ingredient

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Hudson, IA
Agritourism, Dairies, Farm Store
Des Moines, IA
Farms/Growers, Food Hubs, Farm Store
Kalona, IA
Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), Farms/Growers, Food Hubs
Nora Springs, IA
Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), Farmers Markets, Farms/Growers, Food Hubs, Farm Store
Food Hubs
Dubuque, IA
Supporting Organizations, Farmers Markets
Woodward, IA
Dairies, Farms/Growers
Winterset, IA
Iowa Falls, IA
Meat Lockers
Donnellson, IA
Hawkeye, IA
Dairies, Farms/Growers
Decorah, IA
Food Hubs
Donahue, IA
Bakeries, Dairies
Iowa City, IA
Food Hubs
Stanton, IA
Farms/Growers, Wineries