Wheat berries (hard, red winter)

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wheat berries

Wheat Berries are short hard kernels that are ground up to make wheat flour. Instead of being ground up, you can just eat the wheat berry itself.

  • Hard vs Soft: Hard varieties take longer to cook than soft, but tend to have more protein in them. Hard varieties are always more chewy.
  • Red vs White: This refers to the color of kernel. Taste and cook time difference are minimal. Using red wheat berries will make your dish have a darker color.
  • Winter vs Spring: This refers to the season that the wheat was grown in. Winter varieties tends to have more protein. Taste differences should be unnoticed by mere mortals.
Storage tips

Glass jars, like Mason Jars, are a great option to store wheat berries as they not only keep moisture out but they also protect your wheat berries by creating an air-tight seal and oxygen barrier. These are both incredibly important factors in storing wheat long term. 

Cooked wheat berries should be stored in the fridge for up to 4 days.



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