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USDA recognizes 3 Grades of Butter- AA, A and B; determined by highly trained graders utilizing strict United States standards.  All grades meet consumer requirements.  AA being the hightest/best in butter flavor, smoothest in texture, the best choice for cooking, baking and at the dinner table.

Selection tips

The U.S. grade of butter is determined on the basis of classifying first the flavor characteristics and then the characteristics in body, color, and salt.  Flavor is the basic factor in grading butter and is determined by taste and smell.

Storage tips

Refrigerate at 45°F or below. Best if used by the printed use by date.

Members who process, produce, or sell the selected ingredient

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Hudson, IA
Agritourism, Dairies, Farm Store
Des Moines, IA
Farms/Growers, Food Hubs, Farm Store
Food Hubs
Woodward, IA
Dairies, Farms/Growers
Elkhart, IA
Iowa Falls, IA
Meat Lockers
Hawkeye, IA
Dairies, Farms/Growers
Decorah, IA
Food Hubs
Iowa City, IA
Food Hubs