Corn (Sweet)

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Corn, sweet

Less than 1% of all of the corn grown in Iowa each year is sweet corn, this is equivalent to about 3,400 acres. Sweet corn is a good source of vitamin A, C, and soluble fiber. Another fun fact is that a corn cob always has an even number of rows. 

Selection tips

Look for silks that are brown and dry at the ear tip.  Fresh green hucks should be tightly wrapped around well filled in ears with  bright colored, plump, milky kernels.  Avoid ears with insect or disease damage.

Storage tips

Unhusked sweet corn can be stored in the refrigerator at 32°F for 4-8 days.

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Altoona, IA
Farms/Growers, Farm Store
Des Moines, IA
Farms/Growers, Food Hubs, Farm Store
Food Hubs
Fort Dodge, IA
Dubuque, IA
Supporting Organizations, Farmers Markets
Mitchell, IA
Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), Farms/Growers
Boone, IA
Farmers Markets
Fort Dodge, IA
Bakeries, Farmers Markets, Farms/Growers
Hubbard, IA
Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), Farms/Growers
Webster City, IA
Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), Farmers Markets, Farms/Growers, Food Hubs
Decorah, IA
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Kellogg, IA
Farmers Markets, Farms/Growers
Iowa City, IA
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